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Ingenious Hot Tub Deck Ideas

Give your hot tub the extra special touch it needs with these great deck ideas for your hot tub.

How to Increase Garage Door Security

Protect your home and everything inside with these simple tips to help make your garage, an easy entry point for burglars, more secure.

6 Fun Outdoor Bar Ideas

Entertain and impress your guests at your next backyard party with these great outdoor bar ideas.

How to Remove a Bathtub Drain

If you’re looking to replace an old bathtub drain, it’s not difficult to do the job yourself. Read these steps to learn more.

How to Attach a Deck to a House

Install a new deck, or reattach an existing one, that is set up to last.


How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

From preparing your space to adjusting the doors, here's how to put your kitchen cabinets into place.

Low-Maintenance Fruit Trees to Grow in Your Yard

If you’ve ever fantasized about growing a fruit tree, it’s entirely possible, even if you don’t have acres of land. A small backyard or even a pot on a balcony will do.

What Is Snow Mold & How to Remove It

If the snow melts in your yard but the grass is still covered in patches of white, you may have snow mold. We’ll explain what snow mold is and how to prevent it from affecting your lawn.

How to Get Rid of and Prevent Bathroom Mold

Learn how to remove and prevent mold from growing in your bathroom in the future.

How to Easily and Safely Remove Carpet

Grab these carpet removal tools and follow 5 steps to get rid of the old carpet in your home.